Friday, May 15, 2015

Here are your relegation scenarios for this weekend

The race to stay alive in the Premier League can end this weekend. Here is how each team still not dead can either stay up or drop down.

First, the bottom of the table:

Aston Villa- 38 pts. (max 44), -20 Goal Difference
Leicester City- 37 pts. (max 43), -13 GD
Sunderland- 36 pts. (max 42), -20 GD
Newcastle 36 pts. (max 42), -24 GD
Hull City- 34 pts. (max 40), -16 GD

Already relegated;
Burnley- 29 pts. (max 35)
QPR- 27 pts. (max 33)

Aston Villa
All Villa has to do to remain in the top flight is defeat Southampton on the road. If they fail to do so, Hull City losing to Spurs will do the trick for them.

Leicester City
The Foxes can clinch safety with a win at Sunderland on Saturday coupled with Hull losing or drawing to Spurs.

Pretty much reverse they Leicester scenario. If Sunderland wins at home against the Foxes and Hull loses or draws against Spurs, the Black Cats are safe.

A win against already relegated QPR and Hull losing or drawing means Newcastle stay up.

Hull City
They have the toughest road to stay up. A win at Spurs will keep them alive for at least another week. They can jump out of the drop zone with Sunderland and Newcastle losing or drawing. However, a Hull loss coupled with Sunderland and Newcastle wins sends the Tigers down.

The complicated nature of things means this will probably carry on into the final week of the season, or at least until the midweek match between Arsenal and Sunderland. Hull will probably lose at Tottenham, but too much else has to go wrong for it to end this week. Regardless, the Leicester City vs. Sunderland match should be a doozy, as games between nearly relegated teams usually are.

If you are like me and are rooting for chaos in the final week, the dream scenario is Hull winning and Newcastle and Sunderland drawing. Then Sunderland would fall to Arsenal midweek. This would leave all three sides level on 37 points heading into the final day of the season. Now that sounds like a fun final Sunday.

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