Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Rouge Report: Detroit City destroys Minnesota Twin Stars

Detroit City 6-1 Minnesota Twin Stars
This game got ugly really fast. Tyler Channel got the party started at Cass Tech before the five minute mark when City took advantage of a turnover near midfield that led to a wonderful transition play. By the final punch of the attack City had two attackers against just the goalkeeper. Cyrus Saydee dished a pass off to Channel for the finish. The carnage continued in the 29th minute with a Latif Alashe goal that I'll be honest, I was knee deep in a chant and wasn't looking for the goal. Hey, sometimes being a hooligan has its price.

Things then went from bad to much, much worse for Minnesota after the second goal. In the 32nd minute there was a collison between City's Colin McAtee and Minnesota's keeper Matt Elder on the edge of the penalty area. McAtee was shown the yellow card and Elder stayed down on the pitch for quite some time. He had to be helped off the pitch with an apparent ankle injury.

Things were a bit awkward for Minnesota at this point. They were not carrying a backup keeper on their roster, so defender Emmanuel Brown had to take over in goal. It was clear right from the start that Brown had no experience in net. He made one nice play seconds after being inserted between the sticks when he cut off Channel after he was clear on goal, but that was it. City's third goal went in off the foot of WIlliam Mellors-Blair in the 44th minute. It wasn't Brown's fault eintirely, but a more experiencd keeper might have made a play.

It became 4-0 City in the large amount of stoppage time after the first half when the head of Jeff Adkins put the ball in. This time it really was Brown's mistake that caused the goal. He overpersued towards Adkins and allowed the header to float right above him and into the goal. Staying home and waitng for the not very dangerous shot would have led to an easy save.

After halftime, more City goals were flying. James Murphy tapped in a low cross from within the six yard box that was another result of a poor defending by Brown. It was as if he still thought he was playing central defense when he came towards the passer, totally ignoring the streaking Murphy. Finally, after Minnesota got a consolation goal from Brian Chapman, Mellors-Blair added his second with a powerful shot to bring the final score to 6-1 in favor of Le Rouge.

City played very well, obviously. You don't beat a team 6-1 without having a great game on your own. However, Minnesota probably didn't belong on the same pitch as the home side in this one. It was evident right from the start that City was far and away the better team. Losing their goalie after a half hour certainly didn't help, but the result would have been no different had Elder remained in the game. Six goals would have been a little tough to ask for, but it still would have been all CIty all the time.

The victory imprioves Detroit City to 2-0-1 and seven points on the young season. Up next for City is the huge cross-state derby with Lansing United on Sunday. Lansing eliminated Le Rouge from playoff conention last year on the final day of the season, so revenge is in order as they travel to the state capital.

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