Saturday, June 6, 2015

Friday Night of Football: Houston wins a wild one

Houston Dynamo 4-2 New York Red Bulls
What a crazy, messed up, and fun match we had last night.  The first hald was faily ordinary. Mike Grella scored in the 42nd minute to give the Red Bulls a lead at halftime. Sascha Kljestan almost doubled the advantage reight before the halftime whistle, though. Only the diving arms of Tyler Deric kept his low curling free kick from making it 2-0 to New York. After the break, and in the last twenty minutes, was when things went off the rails a bit.

Boniek Garcia levelled the score for Houston just before the hour mark with a goofy looking looper that went over everyone. Garcia's shot took a deflection off Karl Outmette before adopting the high, slow pitch softball trajectory that took it luckilly into the back of the net. Their second goal was a little more conventional. Ricardo Clark booted home a Garcia corner in the 72nd minute to give Houston its first lead of the match. WIll Bruin would solidify the lead eight minutes later with a fantastic individual run down half the pitch and a shot that made Luis Robles look silly in goal.

Seconds before the end of the 90 minutes, New York succeeded in making the ending more interesting. Anatole Bertrand Abang finished a determined cross from Marius Obekop toput New York within reach of a point. Will Bruin would make sure that would not happen at the death of the match with a solo effort slotted past Robles. The match ended as kickoff was about to resart proceedings.

After being the last MLS team to lose, New York is now winless in their last four matches and have lost four of their last six since their undefeated opening. They have fell to third place in the East, and possibly further down after tonights games. Houston temporarily lifts themselves into sixth place, but can fall back down if Portland and/or San Jose win this weekend.

I don't get the privilege of watching these Friday night matches live. I don't get Univison Deportes on my cable package and, from watching the highlights, it doesn't seem worth ponying up the extra cash to get the network. Based on the highlights, which are supposed to be the most exciting moments of the match, the English language commentary is awful. I can only imagine how bad it sounds during less active portions of a game. Ramses Sandoval's emphasis is annoying. His pacing is often forced. When a team scores, its almost as if he suddenly remembers that he is on a Spanish language channel and he feels the unquenchable need to squeeze out a long, drawn out goal call. It is not worth the money for the extra-premium channel for that type of coverage. MLS would be better off renegotiating that Friday night deal and giving the game to ESPN, Fox Sports, or getting NBCSN back into the MLS game because Univision in English is a failure that can only be seen on premium cable that isn't worth the price to the common fan.

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