Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Night Football: Manchester United squeaks by Aston Villa

Aston Villa 0-1 Manchester United
In a first half controlled by the Red Devils, Adnan Januzaj claimed the only goal in the 29th minute. The Belgian youngster used his great ball handling skills to dupe the Villa defense and slot a shot behind Brad Guzan and inside the far post.  Aston Villa really did struggle in the first half. They were unable to make anything of what little possession they could muster. They only took one off target shot to United's five, with the one goal on target.

Villa did have a genuine claim for a penalty in the 38th minute. Micah Richards was trying to get his head to a corner when he was pulled at the shoulder by Matteo Darmian. To be fair, Richards still got to the ball, and, in a sort of theatrical way, flopped to the ground after a wayward header. But it still should have been a penalty to Aston Villa.

The second half, to be honest, was kind of boring. Villa had some quality possession, but made nothing of it. They did manage to get one shot on goal, but it was far from a threatening one. United weren't much better. They totaled nine shots on the night ave only found the one goal. There were no real chances on the second half as both teams were unable to make any headway in the opposing penalty area.

Aston Villa looks a lot like the same Aston Villa team that struggled to score for most of last season. Tim Sherwood was able to remedy that in the second half, but it looks like his changes haven't carried over into the new campaign. United also looks weak. Louis Van Gaal is going to have to give a way to get this collection of players to play as a team. They weren't one cohesive unit today and if they don't become one, they will have trouble against the top clubs.

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