Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday Premier League: Chelsea actually show up

Crystal Palace 0-3 Chelsea
Who was that team and what did they do with Chelsea? Crystal Palace probably thought they could come out of this one with a win, or at the very least a draw. Instead, they were handed the most systematic dismantling by a Chelsea side that was reminiscent of what we saw on their title run last season. OScar got the party started in the 29th minute as Chelsea controlled proceedings right from the start. A quick second half double from Willian and Diego Costa in the 60th and 69th minute ended any hope that Palace may have once had.

Crystal Palace had fifth place aspirations before this game started. Instead they remain down in seventh place, a pair of points behind United in fifth. As for Chelsea, they are still only six points out of the relegation zone. But, hey, they are only ten points (and just as many places) out of the top four. Things are starting to look up for the defending champs!

All kidding aside this was a comfortable away win for the Blues that shows they are moving on from the headache that was Jose Mourinho. Guus Hiddink at least has a little more respect in the dressing room than his predecessor did. Today's Chelsea played with a carefree attitude that we have not seen from them all season. I am not fully turning the page on their season and labelling them a threat yet, but this is a step in the right direction.

Everton 1-1 Tottenham
Spurs traveled to Everton looking to solidify their top four position, while the Toffees were just trying to get back into the top half. The Everton clause was impressively bolstered by Aaron Lennon in the 22nd minute. His curler from the corner if the penalty area was the result off a brilliant pass from Gerard Deulofeu, something the young Spaniard is getting pretty good at. Spurs were certainly the better dude throughout the first half. The took 13 shots total and hit a pair of posts before Dele Alli finally put one into the goal in stoppage time.

The second half saw Everton standalone a bit and not allow Spurs to pressure as hard. Harry Kane did have a great chance that ended in a shot just wide, but that was about it for them. Everton had a few more towards the final whistle, but nothing that truly stood out.

Tottenham was stuck in fourth regardless of this result, but they are only three points clear because of the draw. Everton also remains where they were, 11th place.

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