Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It Happened in Europe: City and Real Madrid duke out boring draw

Manchester City 0-0 Real Madrid
Real Madrid and Manchester City kicked off the semi-finals at Etihad Stdium with the Citizens looking to jump Real with Ronaldo out with a leg injury.

Neither side had much attacking punch in the first 45 minutes. The sides were busy feeling each other out and trying to see what could maybe work when it cam to unlocking the oppposing defens. In the first half there were only three shots combined between the two sides and none of them were on targert. So it was safe to say nothing was really working well at all.

Real Madrid came a little more alive in the second half. They still couldn't find Abby goals despite firing 11 shots with three finding the target. There were a couple of headers that made their way just over the bar on their own or thanks to a Joe Hart fingertip.

Both sides should be disappointed here. Manchester City because they really would have liked a lead to take to Spain. Real Madrid because they would have liked an away goal as insurance for the second leg. Real will be the happier if the two sides though. A win for them at home isn't too much to ask for.

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