Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Hooligan's Wake Up: Copa America could come to the USA permanently

Yesterday's Scores
Copa America
Panama 2-1 Bolivia
(Perez 11', 87)-(Arce 54')

Argentina 2-1 Chile
(Di Maria 51', Banega 59')-(Fuenzalida 90+3')

Full Copa America recap

So, Jamie Vardy boarded the England team plane for France without giving his decision on whether or not he is joining Arsenal or staying with the club he helped build into a champion. For what it's worth, Arsenal remain confident that he will sign and Leicester are rumored to have offered him a raise and a fresh contract, if for no other reason than to show their fans they are making an effort to keep him. Regardless, VardyWatch 2016 will continue for at least another few days.

Copa America Centenario is off to a rousing success, and there is apparently some talk of the tournament being permanently held in the USA (article in Spanish) every four years. Jurgen Klinsmann is in favor of it. While this is mostly talk at this point, there may be some momentum to make it happen. Outside of perhaps Brazil, the USA has better infrastructure and is better equipped to hold a major tournament on a regular basis than any other South American country. South American fans, however, would likely feel deprived that their continents marquee event will never again be held on their soil.

I can't help but feel that the decision to make this happen is fueled by bribery and corruption. Just the tales of how this even made it to America to begin with have me thinking that somebody is paying large sums of money to South American authorities to make this happen. FIFA's reputation certainly supports this hypothesis.

Rather than making the USA permanent hosts, I would rather see CONCACAF and CONMEBOL join together for their continental championship and continue rotating hosts between countries on both continents. The Gold Cup can be abandoned, for all I care. It's mostly a competition between the USA and Mexico anyway, as no other country has won the event since its inception except Canada in 2000. Why not send the federation to a more competitive event. They could even expand the field to 24 teams to include more smaller CONCACAF nations that would normally play in the Gold Cup, like Canada.

At the moment, CONMEBOL rotates Copa America hosts alphabetically. Brazil, who's turn was delayed because of their World Cup hosting duties, is slated to host the 2019 edition.

Today's Matches
Copa America
United States v. Costa Rica- 8pm- FS1
Colombia v. Paraguay- 10:30pm- FS1

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