Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hooligan's Wake Up: England embarrassed by Iceland, Hodgson resigns

Yesterday's Scores
Euro 2016
Italy 2-0 Spain
(Chiellini 33', Pelle 90+1')

England 1-2 Iceland
(Rooney PK 4')-(Sigurdsson 6', Sigthorsson 18')

Iceland, mighty Iceland. If you had asked me before the tournament how England would eventually lose, I would have said in penalties to the eventual champion, or something. I was hardly expecting it to be at the hands of Iceland, the most sparsely populated country in Europe.

The quarterfinals are now set for Euros. Here's the schedule:

Poland v. Portugal- 3pm, Thursday- ESPN2
Wales v. Belgium- 3pm, Friday- ESPN2
Germany v. Italy- 3pm, Saturday- ESPN2
France v. Iceland- 3pm, Sunday- ESPN

Germany-Italy is the marquee matchup here, but all eyes will certainly be on the scrappy Vikings from the north that seem to be up for anything, even against the hosts.

The fallout from the England loss is starting already. Roy Hodgson resigned within minutes of the end of the match. He says that he is in a results oriented business and he wasn't producing any results. He feels this loss was unacceptable and somebody else should lead this young group of stars.

Speaking of quick retirements, Lionel Messi did that soon after Argentina fell to Chile in Sunday's Copa America final. While many were busy lamenting the loss of such an icon from the international stage, I was sitting here thinking how he will return in time for the 2018 World Cup. Messi was emotionally compromised after the devastating loss. It was the third straight summer that Argentina lost in a major tournament final.

There's also the fact that Argentina's federation is so corrupt that it makes FIFA look like saints. FIFA has already stepped in to take things over while the rest of the group gets its collective crap together. Messi was only the first of many stars, including Sergio Aguero, Javier Mascherano, and others, to resign unexpectedly. I think this is a threat towards the AFA. They need to get themselves clean or they won't have a remotely competitive team to send out there.

Today's Matches
U.S. Open Cup- Fifth Round
Chicago Fire v. Columbus Crew- 7pm
Real Salt Lake v. Seattle Sounders- 10pm

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