Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hooligan's Daily: Iceland make the World Cup for the first time ever

Yesterday's Scores
World Cup Qualifying- UEFA
Moldova 0-1 Austria
(Schaub 69')

Serbia 1-0 Georgia
(Prijovic 74')

Wales 0-1 Ireland
(McClean 57')

Albania 0-1 Italy
(Candreva 73')

Israel 0-1 Spain
(Illarramendi 76')

Macedonia 4-0 Liechtenstein
(Musliu 36', Trajkovski 38', Nardhi 67', Ademi 69')

Finland 2-2 Turkey
(Arajuuri 75', Pohjanpalo 88')-(Tosun 57', 83')

Iceland 2-0 Kosovo
(Sigurdsson 40', Gudmundsson 68')

Ukraine 0-2 Croatia
(Kramaric 62', 70')

On, a cold, rainy night in Reykjavik, tiny Iceland became the smallest nation in terms of population to qualify for the World Cup. It's their first time heading to the global stage, which is quite powerful after their fun run to the Euro quarterfinals in 2016. Serbia was the other team to clinch today, bringing the total up to 17 of the 32 spots filled.

Meanwhile, the European playoffs are just about full. Ireland got their seat at that table with a dramatic win over Wales, Italy was already there, and Croatia will be there as well. So far, we know seven of the eight contenders. The three above will certainly be joined by Denmark, Northern Ireland, Sweden, and the loser of today's Portugal-Switzerland clash. At the moment, Slovakia holds the final playoff spot, but they are likely out as Greece hosts lowly Gibraltar, who have been outscored 43-3 in this competition, needing three points to unseat them.


Today's Matches
World Cup Qualifying- CONCACAF
Trinidad and Tobago v. United States- 8pm- beIN
Honduras v. Mexico- 8pm
Panama v. Costa Rica- 8pm

World Cup Qualifying- UEFA
France v. Belarus- 2:45pm
Luxembourg v. Bulgaria- 2:45pm- ESPN3
Netherlands v. Sweden- 2:45pm- ESPN Deportes
Hungary v. Faroe Islands- 2:45pm
Latvia v. Andorra- 2:45pm- ESPN3
Portugal v. Switzerland- 2:45pm
Belgium v. Cyprus- 2:45pm- 2:45pm
Estonia v. Bosnia and Herzegovina- 2:45pm- ESPN3
Greece v. Gibraltar- 2:45pm- 2:45pm

World Cup Qualifying- CONMEBOL
This final round of South American qualifying is going to be nuts. Only Brazil has their spot secured and every single match means something.

Brazil v. Chile- 7:30pm
Brazil is already in and Chile needs a win to qualify.

Ecuador v. Argentina- 7:30pm
Ecuador are eliminated and Argentina, powerhouse Argentina, need a win to have any shot.

Paraguay v. Venezuela- 7:30pm
Paraguay are a point back of qualification and a win, with some help from those above them falling, to have a shot. Venezuela is eliminated.

Peru v. Colombia- 7:30pm
A win for Peru will send them to the World Cup for the first time since 1982. A draw means they need Argentina and Paraguay to drop points to settle for a playoff agaisnt New Zealand. Colombia is likely safe with a draw.

Uruguay v. Bolivia- 7:30pm
Uruguay are just about qualified. Regardless of how they do here, they would need Argentina and Peru to win with one of them turning over a massive gulf in goal difference. Bolivia are out.

World Cup Qualifying -AFC

Australia v. Syra- 5am- ESPN3
It's tied 1-1 on aggregate after the Syrian leg last week. The winner gets a two-legged playoff with whoever comes out of the CONCACAF mess in fourth place. 

Rochester Rhinos v. Bethlehem Steel- 7:05pm- ESPN3

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